Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX RS-35 #9156670 for sale

ID: 9156670
Wafer Size: 2"- 8"
Sheet resistivity mapping system, 2"- 8" Capable generating contour maps 3D Maps Diameter scan: Up to 625 points.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX RS-35 Wafer Testing and Metrology equipment is designed for integrated circuit manufacturers who need a reliable, accurate and powerful solution for wafer testing, inspection and metrology. The system is comprised of several modular components - a wafer handler, a custom control unit, optical and mechanical metrology tools, and a variety of sensors - that can be customized to meet the needs of specific device measurements and testing configurations. The integrated wafer handler offers precise, repeatable movement of up to 200 mm wafers with a three-axis motion control machine, allowing for quick wafer positioning and rotation. For wafer testing and inspection, KLA RS35 is equipped with sophisticated optical, mechanical, and electrical metrology systems, including: an edge inspection tool, a die deployment and fault identification asset, and a die-to-die analysis model. Additionally, TENCOR RS 35 includes Multi-Sensor Interrogator (MSI), an advanced metrology tool that can measure or inspect specific features or patterns on integrated circuits, as well as the ASEC(Surface Topology Detector), a device used to measure surface topology of wafers. The equipment also features a 4-head optical microscope, and a high-speed CCD detector for capturing image data. Additionally, RS 35 includes a variety of advanced process control solutions, such as AutoScan, an automated system for edge inspection, fault identification, and die-to-die measurements, AutoFocusPro, an autofocus unit for microscope and metrology systems, and AutoTrend, a flexible data-trending software that can monitor performance of a test machine in real time. The integrated KLA RS-35 software suite provides complete tool control of hardware, software, and data management, including wafer tracking, calibration and archival. Overall, RS-35 Wafer Testing and Metrology asset is a comprehensive device for high-end wafer testing and inspection, providing reliable, comprehensive solutions for integrated circuit production. The model's precise tools and intelligent process control, combined with its easy-to-use software suite, offers unparalleled performance and accuracy of results, allowing device manufacturers to confidently produce the highest quality chips.
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