Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX RS-50e #9022721 for sale

ID: 9022721
Wafer Size: 2"-8"
4-Point probes, 2"-8" Diameter platen: 8.5 Inch Measurement range: 5 mohm / sq Typical measurement time: 3.5-4.5 sec. per test site 3D Mapping Minimum step size: Radial: 0.0635 mm Angular: 0.15° Integrated connector Measurement repeatability: <0.2% (1 Sigma) Power requirements: 110 / 220V <1 amp 50 / 60Hz Pressure: 50p.s.i. (350kPa) : 40 - 60 psi Vacuum: 300 mm Hg Currently installed and stored in cleanroom.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX RS-50e is a wafer testing and metrology equipment. It is designed for front-end semiconductor process control and for leading device performance optimization. The system provides three-dimensional wafer-level mapping and measurement capabilities for both planar and non-planar surfaces, such as bumps and trenches. KLA RS-50e unit offers a wide range of metrology functions, including the measurement of critical feature size, overlay registration, edge detection, and fine lines. It is also capable of measuring device yield statistics, as well as providing device and process analysis. The machine also is able to perform defective die analysis. TENCOR RS-50e tool has a long-working distance microscope which makes it suitable for measuring non-planar surfaces while providing high resolution images. The asset is equipped with a proprietary Illumination and Image Intensification (I3) technology, which enables enhanced contrast when measuring smaller features. The model is capable of measuring deep trenches and deep v-grooves. The equipment can scan depths up to 8 microns deep. PROMETRIX RS-50e also has a full suite of automated wafer inspection tools, as well as manual operations such as stitching and labeling tools. This allows the user to perform a wide range of wafer analysis tasks. The automated wafer inspection tools include defect classification, pattern recognition, sample identification, and edge detection. RS-50e also has advanced system features for data analysis, such as real-time statistical analysis, virtual metrology, data set organization and visualization, automated test routine design, and automated scan scheduling. Additionally, the unit is equipped with a Yield Accelerator Package (YAP) that combines the use of advanced metrology and wafer verification tools with Yieldstar software to enable fast, accurate device characterization. KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX RS-50e wafer testing and metrology machine provides a range of features, from automated wafer inspection to advanced data analysis capabilities which allow the user to monitor and optimize both device performance and process control. It is a versatile and reliable tool, capable of providing comprehensive measurements of critical feature size, overlay registration and fine lines. The full suite of advanced tools and features enable users to maximize device yield and performance.
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