Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX RS-55 #9221002 for sale

ID: 9221002
Wafer Size: 8"
Resistivity mapping system, 8".
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX RS-55 is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology solution specifically designed for the semiconductor industry. It features an integrated wafer handler, a high accuracy non-contact microscope, and a suite of measurement and analysis capabilities. The equipment can be configured to fit almost any application, with high speed wafer handling, high resolution imaging, and a range of in-die metrology that delivers unmatched accuracy in wafer thickness and surface topography. KLA RS55 utilizes a full-field imaging head that delivers high-definition imaging of wafers, which is essential for accurate wafer topology measurement and characterization. It also offers a range of specialized optics, including telecentric lenses, for applications requiring precise metrology of small features. Additionally, TENCOR RS 55 features automated non-destructive test (NDT) capabilities that allow for wafer surface inspection without sacrificing quality. KLA RS-55's integrated automation system allows for fast, repeatable handling of wafers across the broad range of metrology capabilities, while the comprehensive laboratory-grade environmental control unit ensures optimal performance and accuracy in ambient and cryogenic conditions. The machine also features a comprehensive measurement and analysis package with advanced algorithms that are optimized for wafer level metrology, allowing for reliable pattern and defect identification and analysis. KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX RS 55's advanced analytics capabilities enable fast and accurate failure analysis and production monitoring. Additionally, the tool is easy to set up and use, allowing new users to quickly become upon up to speed. With its open architecture, KLA RS 55 is compatible with a variety of production equipment and software, ensuring seamless integration into manufacturing environments. Overall, RS55 wafer testing and metrology asset is a reliable and feature-packed solution designed for the semiconductor industry. With its advanced imaging, comprehensive automation, and comprehensive analytics capabilities, TENCOR RS-55 is capable of delivering repeatable, accurate results and maximizing production efficiency.
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