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ID: 293628452
Resistivity mapping system.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX RS-75 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides highly accurate measurements of electrical and mechanical properties of semiconductor substrates. The system is specifically configured to measure the properties of a variety of materials used in the semiconductor industry, such as insulators, metals, and other overlapping layers. The instrument's superior performance and easy-to-use interface provide versatile data acquisition and analysis capabilities. KLA RS75 features a highly stable, automated multi-level scan that accurately tracks surface residual stress and stress-related parameters. This multi-level scan quickly measures the surface dimensional characteristics of wafers in three dimensions, including topography, surface roughness, and thickness. The unit also incorporates an integrated self-calibration routine that ensures routine self-calibration accuracy. With a stable piezo-based drive and a wide measurement range, TENCOR RS 75 offers precise and reproducible results. TENCOR RS-75 is designed with a modular architecture for efficient test station operation. A variety of sample holders and fixtures, as well as customizable scan parameters, are available for wafer testing. Multiple sample scanning options are also available, such as X-Y scan, line scan, and circular scan. Additionally, multiple video input options allow for real-time imaging of the sample during testing. KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX RS 75 is equipped with an intuitive graphical user interface that allows users to customize parameters, monitor the testing process, and review the test results. The ease-of-use feature makes it a popular choice among semiconductor technologists. For easy data acquisition and analysis, the machine includes an array of data analysis tools such as stress/strain analysis and lifetime stress analysis. With its versatile features, PROMETRIX RS-75 is an essential tool for measuring and analyzing the electrical, mechanical, and dimensional characteristics of semiconductor substrates. This wafer testing and metrology tool offers superior performance with reliable data accuracy and reproducibility, making it the ideal choice for any semiconductor-related application.
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