Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX RS-75 #9172359 for sale

ID: 9172359
Resistivity mapping system.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX RS-75 is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to enable leading-edge semiconductor device fabrication. This system employs sophisticated algorithms and advanced automation technology to facilitate complex measurement processes for the analytical characterization of advanced semiconductor products. KLA RS75 operates with high throughput and accuracy at low levels of energy consumption. It features a patented SixAxisTM measurement technology combined with several advanced signal processing algorithms, providing the user with precise sample measurement. This unit can be used for a variety of wafer testing applications, ranging from general electrical measurement to complex stress tests. The machine consists of a 12.5-μm optical test head, making it ideal for testing small features on silicon wafers. It has a detection range of 0.5-3.5mm, enabling it to provide an enhanced setting for micron-scale testings. Moreover, the tool is compatible with a range of different substrate materials, such as polyimide, Kapton®, epoxy, spin-on glass (SOG), and other materials used for sensitive semiconductor devices. It has also built-in anti-stiction algorithms that allow it to perform static contactless measurement, providing users with greater reliability and accuracy when testing sensitive samples. TENCOR RS 75 is also equipped with powerful imaging algorithms and 3D metrology capabilities, enabling it to analyze samples with high accuracy in a faster turnaround time. This asset is also capable of performing defect inspections, allowing it to detect die-to-die anomalies and abnormalities at extremely small sized test sites. Additionally, its full-automation capability makes it easy to configure and use, as it provides an intuitive and user-friendly operating model. Overall, RS 75 is an effective wafer testing and metrology equipment ideal for leaders in the semiconductor production industry. It features an advanced SixAxisTM measurement technology accompanied by intelligent imaging algorithms and 3D metrology capabilities for precise sample measurement. This system is also capable of inspecting defects quickly and accurately, with full-automation capabilities making it easy to configure and use.
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