Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX SM 150C #9112579 for sale

ID: 9112579
Thin film measurement system.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX SM 150C is a high-end wafer testing and metrology equipment engineered to provide process control and analytical insight into complex processes with maximum throughput. Among its features, KLA SM 150C is outfitted with a specialized imaging system that captures high-resolution images of the wafer's 2D and 3D surface features, allowing for in-depth analysis to detect anomalies, defects, and irregularities. Onboard processing and intelligent algorithms support advanced metrology capabilities, including automated defect detection and particle sizing. The unit also boasts a high-precision motorized X-Y stage, on which the wafers reside during imaging and testing. TENCOR SM 150C is a part of the Smartscan family with accuracy and repeatability ensured by active optics, a laser autofocus machine, and optical pattern recognition. This tool has the flexibility to adjust to a wide range of substrates, sensors, and sample types. Step-height measurements are performed through its advanced confocal sensing technology capabilities and comprehensive software tools support substrate profiling and advanced yield control functions. As a part of the Smartscan family, PROMETRIX SM 150C asset can integrate with other wafer-level metrology tools. SM 150C provides a user-friendly touch interface for enhanced navigation and usability, a window-based software package for controlling measurements and access to off-the-shelf metrology software such as SEMulator3D (3D scanning electron microscopy) and Quaterx (GDS-based auto-alignment). The model is optimized to deliver fast throughput and uncompromising sub-nanometer accuracy for highly reliable process control. Additionally, the equipment offers flexibility and scalability for both single instrument setups and cluster arrangements. KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX SM 150C system comes equipped with several features to ensure maximum functionality and value, such as an advanced vision unit, leak detection, flatness measurement, and 24/7 process control and yield monitoring. Furthermore, the machine offers extended data protection features, including a snapshot feature and tamper-proofing. Supported by the industry-leading customer service from KLA, KLA SM 150C is one of the most advanced and well-rounded wafer metrology systems for process control and analytics. From thin film measuring and substrate metrology to quality control and defect analysis, TENCOR SM 150C provides the quality, speed, reliability, and scalability to support a wide range of process control and metrology applications.
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