Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX SM 200 #189550 for sale

ID: 189550
Thin Film Measurement system.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX SM 200 equipment is a remarkably reliable, high-precision, automated wafer testing and metrology system developed by KLA Corporation. Its superior analytical capabilities stem from its unique platform: TENCOR Autonomous Mapping Unit (KAMS). This machine uses KAMS' proprietary vision algorithms and three-dimensional registration to measure wafer patterns with an accuracy and precision far beyond what is achievable by traditional misalignment scanning systems. KLA SM 200 tool has three major components that enable it to be so precise and reliable: the image sensor, the detector, and the KAMS software. The image sensor is a three-channel CCD digital color camera capable of capturing high-resolution images of wafer patterns, which are digitized and stored in the machine's memory. The detector, using KAMS-developed algorithms, is an integrated split-wavelength photometry asset that uses various sensors to measure the size and shape of wafer patterns as well as detecting any defects and non-conformities. Finally, the KAMS software is the brains of the model, providing powerful analytics and the ability to analyze patterns quickly and in great detail. TENCOR SM 200 is ideal for high-volume production of advanced semiconductor wafers. With its advanced analytical capabilities, it can accurately measure and inspect multiple substrates simultaneously, providing consistent results and repeatability. It also has features to reduce operator intervention time, such as automatic and semi-automatic macros and the ability to repeat complex measurement cycles without manual input. SM 200 provides users with on-screen data presentation tools, error warnings, and access to PROMETRIX extensive service and support packages. One noteworthy feature is its Modular Metrology Suite, which allows users to customize the equipment to their specific needs. For example, users may add various advanced analysis tools, such as the Spectroscopic Mapping Package, which performs photometric and spectrophotometric measurements to detect wafer defects. Overall, PROMETRIX SM 200 system is a well-engineered solution that enables manufacturers to produce high-quality wafers with assurance and confidence in the data they produce. It offers unparalleled accuracy and precision, with an ease of use that makes it perfectly suited for high-volume production processes.
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