Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX SM 300 #9095270 for sale

ID: 9095270
Thin Film Mapping System.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX SM 300 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment. It is a tool used in semiconductor manufacturing to help ensure that wafers meet specifications and quality standards. KLA SM 300 is an automated, high-throughput system designed to efficiently measure the electrical characteristics of wafers. It is designed to accommodate multiple wafer types, sizes, and die configurations. The unit is composed of a mainframe unit, wafer cassettes, and a measurement head. The mainframe includes all the electronics required for the testing operations, including computers, control electronics, power supplies, and a vacuum chamber. The wafer cassettes contain wafers to be tested, and can be configured to accept wafers of various sizes. The measurement head is a robotic arm with a programmable positioner, allowing for precise measurement positioning. TENCOR SM 300 is capable of performing a variety of tests, including contact approach, leakage current, transistor leakage, high-voltage breakdown, capacitance-voltage, capacitance-resistance, and sheet resistance. It also features a high-power strobe feature, which makes it possible to measure wafers containing components operating at high voltages. PROMETRIX SM 300 utilizes an advanced laser interferometer machine for precise wafer positioning. It is equipped with a data acquisition tool that allows for measurements to be automatically stored and analyzed. Additionally, the asset is compliant with industrial standards such as the MIL-STD 883 and UL 60950. SM 300 is a powerful tool in the semiconductor industry as it combines many highly accurate and complex tests to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of the quality of their wafers. Its high speeds and ability to process multiple wafers simultaneously enable manufacturers to reduce product development cycles and overall costs, while maintaining high quality and reliability.
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