Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX SpectraMap SM 300 #9204663 for sale

ID: 9204663
Film thickness mapping system.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX SpectraMap SM 300 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment. It provides accurate real-time information of wafer surface measurements with sub-nanometer resolution. Its design offers advanced metrology capabilities and improved measurement performance for wafer fault detection and inline yield management. The system is capable of inspecting everything from conventional process steps to the most advanced 3D inverse lithography techniques. It is designed to optimize various process steps for complex wafer patterns. Features such as variable acquisition speeds, automated focus mapping, and automated tune-matching optimize the surface and topography measurements of planarized or non-planarized wafer topologies. KLA SpectraMap SM 300 utilizes proprietary designs and algorithms to achieve automated mesa detection, corner detection, and other forms of wafer fault analysis and characterization. The unit also supports a wide variety of inspection modes including step-and-repeat, area-scan, automatic, and manual. The machine provides a full range of metrology testing capabilities, allowing the user to quickly analyze wafer surfaces. With its high-speed optical processing, the tool provides fast and accurate mapping of height, thickness, surface topography, and the properties of wafer materials. It is capable of quickly detecting, localizing, and classifying extraneous structures, such as irregularities on the top and bottom surfaces of the wafer. The asset's automated SR3D (Structure Real-time 3D) Inspection mode can detect various types of defects and characteristics at a much faster rate than traditional methods. The model is also capable of providing real-time defect review, automatically archiving results and images, as well as chemical and physical analysis. TENCOR SPECTRAMAP SM300 is a highly reliable and cost-effective equipment with excellent performance. Its versatile design allows for the incorporation of a range of extra features, such as electron-beam inspection and nanofocus imaging. With its advanced features and metrology capabilities, the system provides perfect real-time wafer inspection and metrology solutions.
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