Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX UV 1050 #9031773 for sale

ID: 9031773
Film thickness measurement tool.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX UV 1050 is a Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment designed to provide fast, accurate and reliable wafer test and measurement results. It is designed to support output based testing and metrology, or "OIM", providing rigorous performance optimization and capacity assurance for a variety of process technologies including lithography, deposition, etch, planarization, and post-process metrology. KLA UV 1050 includes a low-vacuum (LV) metrology chamber for non-destructive, High resolution 2D imaging, 3D profile scanning, and refractive index (RI) metrology. The system also includes an ultra-violet light source for use in photoresist and other wafer surface imaging applications. The LV chamber is optimized for patterned wafer imaging, and can accurately measure the critical dimensions (CD) for a variety of CD metrology tasks. The unit is designed to operate reliably in harsh fabrication environments and can cope with variation in temperatures, pressures, and acceleration profiles. TENCOR UV-1050 also includes a patented Calibration Standard (CALIBRATE) and Slope Matching (SLO-MATCH) technique, which enables fast and accurate characterization of different aspects of product quality and performance, and is able to perform multiple CD measurements with a single excursion. This allows for thorough and continuous quality evaluation in process chambers with high throughput. The machine can be equipped with a broad range of optional components that facilitate enhanced data acquisition and analysis. These include various linearity correction modules, advanced drift compensation algorithms, and various probe selection options, including contact probes, scanning probes, and contactless probes. Additionally, the tool also supports advanced source and detector connections, and is compatible with the most up to date mask, wafer, film, and reticle software. KLA UV-1050 is compliant with the most popular industry test standards, including SEMI, ISO, and MIL-Standard test suit. As such, the asset is suitable for use in various industries, such as the semiconductor, microelectronics, and aerospace industries. This model gives users a single test source for all major process technologies, and eliminates the need for dedicated test sources and hardware. As such, it helps streamline production process and reduce costs.
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