Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX UV 1050 #9180716 for sale

ID: 9180716
Film thickness measurement system.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX UV 1050 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment for the semiconductor industry. It is ideal for advanced process monitoring and yield enhancement. KLA UV 1050 combines powerful optical system, software, and advanced optoelectronics to provide fast, accurate, and repeatable measurements. TENCOR UV-1050 utilizes a 4-stage, 1000V, 500A, resonator laser, which emits a powerful beam of UV-light, perfect for verifying and inspecting the quality of wafers and batches of nanoparticles. This laser is optimized for speed, accuracy, and repeatability of measurements, making it highly sought after in the semiconductor industry. The unit is capable of inspecting dimensions and dimensions on the micron scale, and it does this by scanning the surface of the wafer multiple times with the laser, capturing any irregularities, and then analyzing the data. This data is then used to take corrective action on the device in real-time. UV-1050 also integrates software and electronics to enable automated defect and particle analysis. This makes the machine an important tool in the semiconductor production process, allowing for fast, accurate, and repeatable detection of faulty and contaminated materials. Additionally, TENCOR UV 1050 is capable of measuring surface roughness to check the quality of the material, which is important for dimensional accuracy and yields. Finally, UV 1050 is a highly reliable and trusted tool used in production processes all over the world, and it is backed by KLA excellent customer service and advanced technologies. PROMETRIX UV 1050 is an essential part of any semiconductor production line, as it allows for fast, accurate, and repeatable measurements of wafers and batches of nanoparticles, guaranteeing the best quality materials and yields. Its integrated software allows for quick and automated defect and particle analysis, and its powerful laser guarantees precision measurements. With its excellent reliability and customer support, PROMETRIX UV-1050 is the ideal tool for any semiconductor production line.
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