Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX UV 1050 #9200114 for sale

ID: 9200114
Film thickness mapping system.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX UV 1050 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that integrates advanced light-based technologies with powerful automated microscopy. It utilizes an innovative design to offer wafer-level metrology solutions for the rapid identification, characterization, and diagnosis of wafer surface features. This system enables users to quickly evaluate and assess the wafer surface characteristics, such as particle shape, density, and size distribution. Additionally, it can be used for defect inspection, process control, and quality assurance applications. The unit incorporates an advanced UV microscope with a pair of long-working-distance objectives to support analysis of non-contact wafer surface features from a safe distance. It has a laser-alignment measurement machine that ensures accurate positioning and imaging of the sample wafer. The sample is placed on a X-Y stage and then imaged under a UV light source in order to identify small particles of under 1 micron. The built-in autofocus and edge alignment technology help to keep the wafer aligned precisely and the high-resolution imaging tool offers excellent sensitivity in the detection of small particles. The powerful image analysis algorithms allow for automated data generation and critical pattern recognition tasks. This asset has an intuitive graphical user interface with customizable menus and a wide range of measurement tools that allow users to gain a better understanding of their sample characteristics. Additionally, its intuitive software platform offers a comprehensive library of algorithms and protocols to support automated metrology and visualization tasks. This model is capable of conducting a wide range of surface review tasks, such as defect moderation and repatterning analysis. Additionally, highly detailed microstructural evaluation functions are available. A detailed report with precise wafer-level measurements and a comprehensive set of graphical and data presentation tools display the results of the evaluation process. KLA UV 1050 is a compact, user-friendly solution for wafer-level metrology and inspection needs. The advanced image and data collection functions provide unparalleled inspection capability, and an intuitive graphical user interface simplifies the operation of a wide array of measurement and analysis tasks. A robust set of additional features offered by this equipment provide enhanced reliability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. The high productivity offered by the system further contributes to its overall value.
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