Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX UV 1080 #9115152 for sale

ID: 9115152
Vintage: 1999
Film thickness measurement tool.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX UV 1080 "wafer testing and metrology" equipment is a high-precision, high-speed piece of precision engineering that combines the advanced technologies of optical layer measurement, 3D surface profile imaging, integrated scatterometry and total reflection x-ray fluorescence (TXRF) into a streamlined package. The integrated optical layer measurement platform uses advanced imaging technologies to accurately measure layer thickness, composition, refractive index and surface texture of semiconductor stacks and wafers. The combined 3D surface profile imaging and integrated scatterometry technologies enables KLA UV 1080 system to measure parameters such as optically-measured surface roughness, shape, and texture of semiconductor stacks. The TXRF technology measures the elements in the wafer and stack, and the complete measurement results include elemental composition and the amount of elements. This allows for comparison to the desired specification. The advantage of TENCOR UV-1080 unit is that it is capable of detecting and distinguishing between very small variations in layer thicknesses and surface textures compared to other methods, such as light scattering. The combination of these technologies in PROMETRIX UV-1080 machine results in the combined speed and accuracy associated with surface analysis. This allows for real-time feedback while developing extremely precise semiconductor stacks. The integrated scatterometry software incorporates AI capabilities to produce a range of spectra for optimal readout of the information being measured. The tool has a high-resolution camera and an automated sample handling asset, which allow for measurements to be taken near field and far field. In combination with the optical layer measurement, KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX UV-1080 model is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as wafer process development and characterisation, line-width measurements, characterisation of uniformity, cut/etch depth measurements, and defect inspection. KLA UV-1080 equipment is a reliable and powerful tool for taking high-quality measurements for semiconductor stacks and wafer applications. The combination of cutting-edge technologies, accuracy, and speed enable efficient and accurate surface analysis during wafer and stack development.
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