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ID: 9195758
Measurement system.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX UV 1250SE is a high-performance, semiconductor metrology and inspection tool designed to deliver maximum productivity and accuracy. The equipment is capable of simultaneous measurements of critical dimensions, overlay, edge profile, and pattern morphology on a variety of materials including silicon, gallium arsenide, and glass. The system employs a proprietary, in-situ optics platform which allows non-destructive, 24/7 testing of wafers during fabrication. KLA UV-1250SE is a fully automated unit, incorporating a UV laser light source, transmissive and reflective optics, dynamic focus control, and advanced edge detection algorithms to acquire and analyze high-precision data points from wafers. The optical machine can measure wafers with a comparatively large depth-of-field and fast response time. The tool features flexible nozzle orientations and scan modes, enabling high-throughput measurements of large test areas. In addition, the tool can be reconfigured quickly, enabling it to meet the requirements of the most challenging test conditions for various applications. The asset provides high resolution, enabling users to detect subtle differences in surface features such as step heights, defect sizes, and scratch depths. The tool is also equipped with advanced inspection algorithms to detect a variety of potential line width, pitch, and critical dimension (CD) related defects for both patterned and non-patterned devices. Additionally, the automated edge detection algorithms allow the model to accurately locate device features for accurate overlay measurements. The equipment has integrated environmental controls and a Class-1000 HEPA filter to maintain a clean work environment. Advanced autofocus calibration helps maintain consistent performance across wafers of varying thicknesses. The user interface is intuitive and provides an easy-to-read display of both testing data and images of scanned wafers. Additionally, the sophisticated software package includes automated alerts when test results fail to meet preset criteria. Users can access and review system data remotely using a secure web-based interface. Another benefit of TENCOR UV 1250 SE is its configurability. Users can custom-configure the unit to meet their specific needs. The addition of peripheral devices like turbomolecular pumps and shutters allows for greater accuracy and testing speed, giving the user greater control over the machine's results. Overall, TENCOR UV-1250SE is an excellent wafer testing and metrology tool, offering users unparalleled speed, accuracy, and flexibility. The asset's advanced features make it an ideal solution for a variety of applications.
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