Used KLA / TENCOR / THERMA-WAVE OP 2600 #9212477 for sale

ID: 9212477
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 1995
Film thickness measurement system, 8" 1995 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR / THERMA-WAVE OP 2600 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides comprehensive metrology measurements in a single integrated package. This system utilizes X-ray, optical and laser-based technologies to accurately inspect and measure semiconductor wafers at different stages of fabrication. KLA OP 2600 features a large automated measurement chamber that provides a stable measuring environment for precise and reproducible measurement results. This unit utilizes laser-driven optical projection to read and compare the parameters and detailed dimensions that define critical features and photomasks on the wafer. Additionally, this machine utilizes X-ray inspection technology to acquire high-resolution images of wafer surfaces for detailed assessment of characteristics such as surface finish, shape, feature dimension and surface cleanliness. This equipment is well-suited for use in semiconductor fabrication processes, as it provides fast and comprehensive chip measurement and testing capability on a wide range of wafer sizes. This tool is designed to be easily expandable through the addition of laser scanning microscope, scanning electron microscope and atomic force microscope capabilities. The built-in software capabilities include data processing, defect recognition, measurement and comparison. TENCOR OP 2600 features an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that can be used to quickly and easily generate 3D images of the inspected wafers. The GUI also provides access to analysis and data output to assist in quality control and research activities. This asset meets the highest ISO standards in the wafer testing and metrology industry and is geared toward customers who wish to conduct automated and precise metrology measurements. For decades, THERMA-WAVE OP 2600 has been the benchmark for quality control across a range of semiconductor fabrication processes. This model utilizes the latest in laser and X-ray technology to provide superior metrology precision and repeatability. With this equipment, customers can achieve repeatable and reliable measurement results while drastically reducing the time and cost required for wafer inspection and metrology.
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