Used KLA / TENCOR / THERMA-WAVE OP 2600 #9214771 for sale

ID: 9214771
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 1994
Film thickness measurement system, 8" Multiple layers Refraction index Thick and thin film Extinction coefficient Reflectivity measurements (2) Cassette loader stations Thermoelectrically cooled diode laser: 675 nm Lamp: Tungsten halogen Measurements: Multi-layer and multi-parameter on thin ONO & OPO film stacks Polish slopes: 7 micron x 7 micron Wafer ranging: 4"-8" Thick dielectric films BPR >500A BPE <500A Spectrometry Visible: 450 nm-840 nm High index films: C-Si, Poly-Si, A-Si 1994 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR / THERMA-WAVE OP 2600 is a high-performance wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide accurate and reliable wafer measurements. The system utilizes advanced optics and integrated metrology to quickly and accurately assess the physical characteristics of the wafers, including materials thickness, uniformity, topography, roughness, and other parameters. The unit offers high speed, automated non-contact measurement of wafer thin films and for wafer surface characterizations. It features an automated precision calibration process to ensure accuracy of results, and is equipped with a high-resolution imaging machine to provide maximum resolution of the wafer features. The tool is designed to be user friendly, with an intuitive user interface providing quick operation and data analysis. KLA OP 2600 utilizes a 5-axis stage for accurate 3D nanometer-level measurements and features full-semi-auto mapping capabilities. It can store up to 8 wafers on the automatic loading/unloading process, allowing large volumes of wafers to be tested and measure quickly and easily. The asset can measure wafer topographies at up to 0.5um resolution with nanometer repeatability in 3D dimensions. It also includes a range of specialized metrology software for various measurements and test techniques, such as Advanced Process Control, which provides real-time monitoring of process parameters to ensure optimal Wafer Quality. Additionally, it can be integrated with SPC software to enable further process optimization. TENCOR OP 2600 can be configured with automatic vision tools and/or optical microscopes for defect analysis and inspection, and includes a range of software options for advanced imaging analysis and defect recognition. Additionally, the model can be upgraded with customized parameters to ensure compatibility with industry standards. Overall, THERMA-WAVE OP 2600 is a comprehensive and affordable solution for accurate measurement and analysis of wafer characteristics. It is designed with the most advanced metrology and imaging technology to provide accurate results with a high degree of repeatability and reliability. It is suitable for a range of wafer manufacturing applications and provides an efficient solution for quality control and process optimization.
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