Used KLA / TENCOR / THERMA-WAVE OP 2600 #9226933 for sale

ID: 9226933
Wafer Size: 8"
Film thickness measurement system, 8".
KLA / TENCOR / THERMA-WAVE OP 2600 is a revolutionary piece of wafer testing and metrology equipment. KLA OP 2600 offers intuitive operator interface and automated testing, enabling the user to quickly and accurately test, measure, and analyze wafers. It is equipped with two separate stations, enabling the user to test the wafer on one station while the second is prepared for the next test. TENCOR OP 2600 utilizes a laser interferometer to measure the thickness, profile and uniformity of the sample wafer. This system offers micrometer-level resolution to ensure high accuracy testing. The interferometer optics are easy to set up with adjustable scan rate and programmable multiple line scan to accommodate wafer sizes from 2-6 inches in diameter. THERMA-WAVE OP 2600 comes fully equipped with automated software to provide fast, accurate results. The software adjusts to accommodate wafer variations and can be used with optional camera to photograph the wafer or a high-resolution spectrography system to measure contamination. Additionally, the system is capable of identifying and segmenting defective wafers. The operational environment of OP 2600 is user-friendly, with ergonomic design for simple operation. The sampling speed can easily be adjusted, and the software is capable of supporting both Windows and Mac operating systems. The solid-state thermoelectric cooler ensures a constant temperature in order to reduce noise distortion and avoid thermal damage to the sensitive wafer. All in all, KLA / TENCOR / THERMA-WAVE OP 2600 is designed for superior testing and metrology accuracy with precision laser optics and intelligent software that can measure wafers of varying size and thickness. This equipment provides valuable data for wafer fabrication, testing, and analysis. With its intuitive and automated interface, KLA OP 2600 enables faster throughput and repeatable, accurate results.
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