Used KLA / TENCOR / THERMA-WAVE OPTIPROBE 2600B #9220004 for sale

ID: 9220004
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 1999
Film thickness measurement system, 8" 1999 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR / THERMA-WAVE OPTIPROBE 2600B is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for advanced failure analysis and process monitoring of a wide range of wafer-level die level products. This system enables the detection of process anomalies by rapidly scanning thousands of individual die with a high-speed, high-resolution imaging laser. KLA OPTIPROBE 2600B offers a variety of features, such as: multiple viewing angles, automated die-level electrical testing, automated normalization, and multiple regions of interest. The scanning laser on TENCOR OPTIPROBE 2600B is designed to deliver maximum data fidelity and accuracy, making it a highly accurate tool for detecting defects and anomalies on a wafer-level die. This unit is capable of scanning at high speeds, up to 6000 die/hour, and can detect process losses and make recommendations for corrective actions. The multiple viewing angles enable the machine to view a wide range of orientations and curve shapes, allowing for reliable and consistent testing. The automated die-level testing helps to reduce time and cost associated with manual testing. Additionally, the automated normalization feature helps to compare different shaped dies from different fabrication processes quickly and accurately. The tool features active alignment of the imaging laser to ensure maximum data fidelity. This asset also features an intelligent inspection model and a user-friendly GUI that allow for comprehensive wafer layout programming and real-time data analysis. OPTIPROBE 2600B is capable of data collection from up to 16 channels, allowing for a more detailed analysis of die-level behavior. The equipment can also be easily reconfigured to scan at multiple levels, providing flexibility for wafer-level testing. THERMA-WAVE OPTIPROBE 2600B is designed for use during backend process development, reliability testing, failure analysis, yield monitoring, and process control. This system can detect a wide range of die defects, enabling the detection of faulty die, redundant chips, process anomalies, and more. This advanced wafer testing and metrology unit is designed to provide high-speed, accurate result, making it an ideal tool for process development and monitoring of wafer-level die.
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