Used LEITZ MPV-SP #9099873 for sale

ID: 9099873
Vintage: 1988
Film thickness measuring system 1988 vintage.
LEITZ MPV-SP is a high-precision wafer testing and metrology equipment for single and double sided integrated circuit applications. MPV-SP delivers superior test, validation and statistical process control (SPC) capabilities, enabling accurate and repeatable results. The system features a 4-axis XYRS (stylus) modules, a dual telescopic arm, and a vision unit and provides powerful performance in a compact footprint. It is capable of quickly and accurately testing wafers up to 350mm (13.77") in size. It is designed to accommodate increasingly dense, complex circuits and enable faster, more efficient SPC. LEITZ MPV-SP uses an oscillating stylus to physically sense any irregularities on the wafer surface as it is tested. Its SPC capabilities ensure precise repeatable measurements and maximum product quality, along with flexible connectivity to host systems. The machine is IPC compliant and provides real-time data feedback during testing. MPV-SP performs fast, multi-functional testing, including electrical testing, visual inspection, and other process parameters. In addition, the tool features a dual microscopy option. This allows tests to be performed with several different microscopes simultaneously. It also has a large portfolio of integrated lens options, including zoom lenses for automated inspection of single devices. The asset is designed to optimize testing processes and minimize downtime. It is equipped with an intuitive user interface that simplifies operation and offers easy access to programmable parameters. It also features automatic and manual mode selection, allowing for rapid testing of single or multiple devices. LEITZ MPV-SP offers high accuracy and outstanding repeatability, with a minimum 95% repeatability on all measurements. It also features a built-in self-diagnostics model, which helps spot and repair faulty components in a timely manner, minimizing operational costs and increasing availability. Overall, MPV-SP is a comprehensive and reliable wafer testing and metrology equipment. It is designed to maximize efficiency, ensure repeatable results, and enable rapid SPC implementation. With the ability to test devices up to 350 mm, the system offers maximum flexibility, enabling it to meet the demand of an ever-evolving semiconductor industry.
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