Used LEITZ SP #109670 for sale

ID: 109670
Thin Film Measuring System (older software).
LEITZ SP Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is an advanced metrology tool used in the wafer industry to examine wafer surfaces and electrical parameters. This system offers the most precise and accurate wafer testing and metrology results available and is capable of testing wafers of various sizes and thicknesses. SP is an automated test and metrology unit with an integrated interactive touchscreen interface. A motion control machine drives the laser and linear stages, which allow for exact measurement of wafer surfaces and device parameters. The tool can quickly and accurately measure surface parameters such as surface topography and electrical characteristics. LEITZ SP features a high-speed imaging microscope, which is equipped with a high-end sCMOS camera and a light source to capture detailed images of wafer surfaces. It is capable of measuring up to two wafers at once and can take measurements at speeds up to 900 mm/s. It is also equipped with a multi-point beam profiler that can accurately measure the profile of a wafer to within 0.01 µm. The asset also features an optical detector array which can measure electrical characteristics such as resistance, capacitance, and conductance. SP also includes a defect detection model which allows for automated detection of defects in wafers. The equipment is supported by a software suite that provides fast and efficient data processing capabilities. The software provides users with a powerful graphical user interface for setting configurations, analysis, and reporting. In summary, LEITZ SP Wafer Testing and Metrology System is an innovative tool designed to meet the needs of the wafer industry. It offers a highly precise, accurate, and automated measurement of wafer surface parameters and electrical characteristics. The unit is driven by a reliable and efficient motion control machine, equipped with a high-speed imaging microscope and defect detection tool, and supported by a software suite for fast and efficient data processing. SP can help wafer manufacturing and research laboratories to improve the precision and accuracy of wafer testing.
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