Used MDC CSM/16 #172346 for sale

ID: 172346
C-V Plotter System with DuoCHUCK Specification: X-y microscope support Boonton Capacatince Meter (2) Signatone Probes Chucks can be heated and cooled (requires chilled water) Computer monitor is dead Missing keyboard.
MDC CSM/16 is a versatile and comprehensive wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide comprehensive and reliable testing and metrology capabilities for a wide variety of substrates and materials. The innovative and advanced system offers the flexibilty to selectively address issues related to historical and emerging technologies with ease and performance. The unit is an integrated unit with several components facilitating the testing of wafers. It is equipped with four scanning probe stations to enable testing and measurement of wafer interface properties. The probe stations are equipped with imaging, scanning, and measuring capabilities to identify, analyze, and measure wafer-interface defects. The machine is also equipped with a spectral imaging tool with spectral resolution up to tens of microns and a spectral range from 2.25 to 2.35 µm. The asset is capable of performing high-resolution mapping over a large area, with a maximum resolution of 1 μm. The imaging model can measure and analyze up to 100,000 sample points per second. This powerful and efficient scanning equipment is capable of detecting, imaging, and analyzing features of arbitrary shapes, including those with sub-micron resolution. In addition, the CSM/16 system is integrated with a multi-axis tilt stage to facilitate contact angle measurements over a large surface area. The unit comes with a robotic wafer probing machine, which can execute thousands of test steps in a fraction of the time required with manual methods. The robotic wafer probing tool can also dramatically cut lead-times for test and metrology operations by eliminating human error and use of expensive custom components. The asset is equipped with a custom thermal and opto-mechanical environment to provide stable measurement conditions over a period of time. In conclusion, MDC CSM/16 is a comprehensive and reliable wafer testing and metrology model which is capable of delivering precise and accurate results with optimum efficiency. The equipment is compatible with a wide range of material types and offers flexibility for testing and measuring features with a high resolution microscope. The integrated multi-axis tilt stage, custom thermal and optical-mechanical environment, and robotic wafer probing system make the unit a complete and powerful testing solution, offering reliable and precise results.
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