Used MDC CSM/16 #173804 for sale

ID: 173804
Wafer Size: 6"
CV Plotter, 6" Mercury probe.
MDC CSM/16 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for precise, reliable and cost-effective performance. It provides a fully automated analysis and inspection process to prevent equipment losses, minimize human intervention and maximize throughput. The system provides powerful software and hardware features including a 16-wafer handling unit, an advanced multi-zone imaging machine, an auto-focus control, and the ability to control multiple analytical optical components. The 16-wafer handling tool enables to process up to 16 wafers simultaneously, reducing the processing time and providing a significantly higher throughput. The multi-zone imaging asset provides high-definition illumination and quantitative analysis, enabling to identify quality deviations earlier than traditional inspection approaches. The model is also capable of measuring multiple data points and calculating materials quality parameters such as roughness, thickness, adhesion and surface defects. Additionally, the auto-focus control enables to quickly and precisely focus the optics onto a wafer's surface to ensure accurate measurements. The equipment also incorporates an advanced software platform that allows users to easily configure and control the system. With a user interface running on a Windows PC and an advanced graph-based program editing, the software enables to effortlessly control the unit and perform complex operations quickly and reliably. Additionally, the machine's software also provides high-level features such as automatic detection and classification of defects, automatic data collection and analysis, as well as automated report generation. Overall, MDC CSM/16 provides a highly efficient and reliable wafer testing and metrology tool for any application. Its powerful software and hardware features enable quick, precise and reliable measurements, helping users to make informed decisions quickly and accurately. In addition, the asset's advanced engineering and design ensure reliability, repeatability, and accuracy of data over extended periods of time. Its easy-to-use user interface and intuitive software allow quick and easy setup and make it an ideal model for any quality assurance or production application.
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