Used MDC CSM/16 #78144 for sale

ID: 78144
Wafer Size: 6"
Automatic CV plotter RM-1600 Computer MDC RM-1600 16-bit Computer BOONTON Model 72AD Capacitance Meter SIGNATONE Model S-1041/5D1-C 5” (dia.) Gold Plated Hot Chuck.
MDC CSM/16 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for fabrication and testing of integrated circuits. This system is designed for measuring semiconductor devices and materials up to the small scale of 16 mm2. It provides the semiconductor industry with an economical and reliable means to conduct electrical tests and to measure physical properties of the test samples, such as area and thickness, at high throughput. This unit utilizes advanced optical metrology technology and an automated software that can effectively detect, analyze, and process test sample data quickly and accurately. It includes a high affinity launcher which can be used to move sample materials and accurately align the sample's test site to the optical metrology tool mounted on an adjacent tilt stage.The tool features precision alignment technology that provides the sample with an accurate and uniform position for the optical metrology technology. Furthermore, the machine also features a custom designed imaging tool for determining the layer thickness and other properties of the sample material. The test samples are placed on the tilt stage which contains a fully automated integrated imaging method and tested based on the user specification. The asset also offers accurate sample measurements and is able to detect low voltage differences in circuits that are lower than 1mV. This model allows users to customize their settings and test analysis to precisely measure the desired characteristics of the sample devices and material. In addition, MDC CSM/16 also offers a user-friendly graphical user interface which enables customers to effortlessly and quickly set up the equipment for different test and measurement sample types. The system can also present data in various formats, including graphs, reports, and tabular information. The unit complies with industry standards and is fully compatible with a wide range of different test samples. For added safety, the machine also has an in-built safety tool that can detect any hazardous conditions and immediately shut down the asset to protect the user from potential injury or loss of data. Overall, MDC CSM/16 is an advanced and reliable wafer testing and metrology model designed for accurately and efficiently testing integrated circuits and sample materials. This equipment allows users to conduct various tests and to measure physical properties of their sample materials with ease. The system is also user-friendly and offers good customizability and is complied with industry standards.
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