Used MDC CSM #77224 for sale

ID: 77224
System with Boonton 72BD.
MDC CSM (Model Driven Control Chip Equipment Metrology) is a wafer testing and metrology system developed by EWI Advanced Metrology & Manufacturing Technology. This unit is an advanced precision metrology platform consisting of an integrated programmable metrology metrology arm, pilot inspection and automated process control software, and image analysis and measurement library tools. The machine's metrology arm is composed of a robust static and dynamic 5-axis coordinate tool with high versatility for Data Acquisition and Control (DAC). The pilot inspection asset, on the other hand, is designed to help the user gain access to the process data metrics, test platform performance, and provide comprehensive process control. With its state-of-the-art components, the model offers a reliable and high precision solution for wafer testing and measurement applications. The equipment's data acquisition control (DAC) mechanism allows users to control the scanning speed and direction of the probe head across the surface of the wafer. This helps in obtaining reliable measurements that are used for further analysis and processing. The system also includes an automatic scanning mechanism providing further flexibility to the user by allowing them to define and program step size. CSM unit also features an advanced image analysis library tool. This library is equipped with automated image analysis and measurement tools, as well as image-based object recognition and evaluation algorithms. These features enable users to automatically evaluate test results and obtain critical measurements in a fast and accurate manner; hence reducing the time necessary to obtain reliable data. In addition, the machine also offers various software for extracting measurements and mapping them accurately to CAD models. Furthermore, the automated process control software allows users to quickly program the tool for various wafer processes, as well as designing customized test protocols. Finally, the asset comes with extensive data management and statistical analysis tools that are designed to support both current and future data analysis requirements. Overall, MDC CSM is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology model offering users robust data acquisition and control capabilities. With its state-of-the-art components, this equipment provides superior accuracy, reliability and versatility to support a wide range of wafer testing and measuring applications.
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