Used MDC Duo Chuck CSM-16 #9145508 for sale

MDC Duo Chuck CSM-16
ID: 9145508
Wafer Size: 6"
Vintage: 1995
CV Measurement system, 6" 1995 vintage.
MDC Duo Chuck CSM-16 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to enable precise and effective testing of semiconductor wafers. It offers a clean, safe, and efficient operation that incorporates the latest in automation and technology. The system features two independent wafer chucks and a host of automated features, making it suitable for a wide range of wafer testing and metrology applications. The unit features a high-precision 2-axis programmable motion stage that delivers +/- 2.5µm accuracy and repeatability. The machine also includes software-controlled air and vacuum source options to ensure a consistent wafer surface position for testing. An integrated 3-axis optical metrology head with a 25µm measurement accuracy allows for on-the-fly measurement of critical parameters such as CD (critical dimension), flatness, and thickness. This feature further enables a wide range of applications, including semiconductor device production or R&D activities. Additionally, Duo Chuck CSM-16 utilizes a clean room compatible design to enable an environment conducive to wafer testing. The tool is equipped with an LCD touch-screen interface that provides an easy and error-free operation and provides access to a host of diagnostic and engineering tasks. In addition, a signal port allows for remote monitoring and control of the asset. MDC Duo Chuck CSM-16 is designed to be simple and efficient to deploy, uninstall and maintain. The model is compliant with industry safety requirements and is easy to move and relocate. It also comes with additional options to facilitate further customization. Duo Chuck CSM-16 is a powerful, reliable, and versatile solution for high-precision wafer testing and metrology. It ensures a consistent, precise, and fault-free performance in a cleanroom environment and carries out accurate measurements. The equipment also provides ample flexibility for customization and provides value for money in terms of its features, design, and performance. An ideal choice for wafer testing applications, MDC Duo Chuck CSM-16 system is suitable for a wide range of production and research applications.
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