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MDC Duo Chuck
ID: 9171324
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MDC Duo Chuck is a wafer testing and metrology equipment engineered for simultaneous, high accuracy measurements of multiple parameters, including thickness, flatness, bow, pitch, positional alignment and other parameters. The system includes a low temperature chuck, a robust chassis to support the chuck, and a controller that provides both RPM control of the chuck and precision control of the movement of the chuck during testing. The low temperature chuck is designed to maintain a temperature well below the maximum operating temperature of the wafer during testing, ensuring accurate, repeatable measurements. Duo Chuck is made up of several layers and components. On the bottom layer is the adapter plate, which attaches the chuck assembly to the robotic handling unit. The second layer is the ultra-low temperature micro-electronic chuck, which contains the heated base plate and temperature control machine for accurate temperature regulation. The third layer is the chuck housing which provides environmental isolation and alignment, and the fourth layer is the Ring Gear Motor that provides temperature control, chuck drive power, and positioning control of the chuck. In addition, MDC Duo Chuck features precision tooling and non-contact ultrasonic technology. The precision tooling is designed to provide high accuracy measurements with enhanced resolution and repeatability of results. The non-contact ultrasonic technology allows for precise and accurate alignment of the wafer to the chuck during testing, enabling the wafer to move back and forth (pitch angle) and up and down (bow angle) without impact on the measurements. Duo Chuck tool also makes use of advanced self-cleaning and calibration features to ensure accuracy and repeatability of measurements. The asset features a built-in self-calibration routine which performs regular integrity checks on the chuck, and a smart self-cleaning engine which actively monitors its environment and performs a deep clean without manual intervention. Together, these features enable the most accurate and reliable results in wafer testing and metrology.
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