Used MDC SEN-576 #9104438 for sale

ID: 9104438
Four (4) point probe (FPP) Keithley 2400 Series SourceMeter.
MDC SEN-576 Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is a high precision metrology platform designed to perform advanced wafer testing and metrology. It combines several specialized metrology technologies such as a 6-point probe, SEM image analysis, and x-ray diffraction analysis in a single instrument. SEN-576 is composed of a multi-chamber system featuring a main chamber containing a manipulator, a scanner, and a stage, and three additional chambers for housing an electrical testing mechanism, an optical character recognition (OCR) unit, and a data collection machine. The manipulator of the main chamber is robotic and purposely designed to carry out precise and efficient sample placement, thereby minimising any damage incurred to the wafer sample during testing procedure. The scanner integrated into the tool is also robotic, and can be used to image different wafer regions with accurate repeatability. The stage of the main chamber is a motorized unit with high precision and acceleration capacities in both X and Y direction, which can capture the exact coordinates of wafer samples and repeatability for various measurements. The electrical test asset integrated into the second chamber of MDC SEN-576 is composed of several probes and electrical measurement instruments. This model is equipped with a 6-point probe, which is a specific contact metrology tool. It is useful for measuring electrical characteristics on a wide range of wafer samples, such as resistance, current leakage, and dielectric breakdown. The OCR equipment in the third chamber is used for algorithm recognition. Lastly, the fourth chamber holds a data collection and control system which features a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and special software. This unit enables real-time data acquisition and analysis, allowing the automated testing of wafer samples. In summary, SEN-576 Wafer Testing and Metrology Machine is a multi-chamber platform designed for measuring the electrical characteristics, optical features, and shape of wafers. The platform features a manipulator, scanner, and stage in the main chamber, a 6-point probe, a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based data collection tool with special software, an OCR asset, and other components. The modular and robotic architecture of MDC SEN-576 ensures advanced and accurate testing of semiconductor wafers in a reliable and repeatable manner.
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