Used PHOTON BeamPro #9059520 for sale

ID: 9059520
M2 System.
PHOTON BeamPro is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions for a variety of semiconductor device measurement and testing applications. It integrates advanced imaging and control technology into a single, lightweight platform that is compact and easy to use. With its high-resolution imaging system and high-performance laser, microscope, and camera subsystems, BeamPro is capable of accurately measuring and analyzing a wide range of wafer structures, as well as providing detailed characterization data. PHOTON BeamPro has three main components: the beam source, the beam projector, and the beam detector. The beam source produces a column of light which is directed onto a target area of the wafer using the beam projector. The detector, which is located remotely, measures the intensity and direction of the light passing through the target area. These measurements are then used to construct a detailed 3D profile of the wafer, providing valuable information about its structural properties. BeamPro also comes with a suite of software tools for data analysis. These include a series of multi-dimensional image processing algorithms that allow accurate analysis of complex wafer structures, as well as specialized tools for measuring specific parameters such as resistivity, mobility, capacitance, and power consumption. The unit also provides an environment for automating data collection and analysis processes, allowing for efficient batch processing of measured data. In conclusion, PHOTON BeamPro is an affordable and reliable wafer testing and metrology machine. Its advanced imaging capabilities and versatile software suite make it an ideal solution for measuring a wide range of wafer characteristics in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
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