Used PHOTON SpotScan 0390 #9031038 for sale

ID: 9031038
PHOTON SpotScan 0390 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for precise surface testing of samples in semiconductor, optoelectronic, and similar industries. This system has been specifically designed to provide reliable and accurate metrology results with minimal user effort. SpotScan 0390 has a robust design and utilizes the latest in optical and metrology technology. PHOTON SpotScan 0390 employs a compact optical head which contains multiple subsystems to accurately test surface features of any given sample. The optical head features two objective lenses for either optical imaging or 3D scanning capability. The 3D scanning capability is accurate up to nanometer resolution and allows for the accurate measurement and analysis of surface features on samples. Additionally, SpotScan 0390 also utilizes an advanced auto-focus unit to maximize the accuracy of the measurements taken. The data acquired is transmitted to the machine's control unit via a dedicated optical data transmission tool. This asset has been designed with the user's convenience in mind, allowing for fast and accurate data from the optical head to the control unit. Furthermore, PHOTON SpotScan 0390 is capable of testing a variety of samples with different shapes and sizes. As such, a sample fixture can be employed to provide accurate and secure positioning of the sample. The data collected by SpotScan 0390 is then processed by the model's on-board computer. Through the execution of sophisticated data analysis algorithms, the results of the testing can be accurately interpreted and presented in graphic or tabular form. Furthermore, the equipment can be connected to a PC or network enabling the transfer of data for further analysis or storage. Additionally, PHOTON SpotScan 0390 has built-in safety features to ensure the safety of both the operator and the sample. SpotScan 0390 is an extremely powerful and user-friendly wafer testing and metrology system. Its precise 3D scanning capability combined with its auto-focus unit allows for accurate and reliable data to be acquired with minimal user effort. Additionally, its safety features coupled with its on-board computer and data transfer capabilities ensure that users are provided with complete peace of mind.
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