Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 1600 #139297 for sale

ID: 139297
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 1600 is a wafer metrology and testing equipment ideal for precision and accurate surface metrology measurements. VEECO DEKTAK 1600 combines advanced imaging, motion systems, and software algorithms to perform high-resolution 3D surface measurements of semiconductor wafers. It is designed for automated wafer-level roughness, flatness, and step height analysis to meet the stringent requirements of advanced semiconductor applications. SLOAN DEKTAK 1600 features a precision optical system matched with closed loop motion technology for the highest accuracy. This includes an integrated imaging unit for line scanning, scanning spot measurement, and area scanning capability. It also has an automated chuck handling machine that ensures alignment accuracy and repeatability when scanning multiple wafer sites. The tool is designed with a 3-axis motorized stage that enables single step measurements up to 20 μm in height with best in class repeatability of 0.1 nm. DEKTAK 1600 is capable of measuring a wide range of applications and materials such as standard, non-standard, and soft materials. VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 1600 is designed with two operation modes. Scanning Mode is designed to quickly survey the wafer's surface to detect wafer bumps and steps. Calibrated Mode is designed for precision measurements, as it allows the user to set specific laser power levels, speed, field size and depth of focus. The user can input numerous measurement parameters including integration time, data level, exposure time, gain, and offset for highly accurate 10 - 45 μm resolution measurements. VEECO DEKTAK 1600 features advanced software algorithms for metrology, analysis, and mapping of the surface data for faster process control. It includes a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) and automated wafer-level reports to allow faster process analysis and troubleshooting. The asset's automated data acquisition and analysis also eliminates manual measurement errors. SLOAN DEKTAK 1600 is designed for use in a cleanroom-level environment as it requires no gas, vacuum, liquids, or machine tools. The model is compatible with most industry standard laboratory and cleanroom automation systems and connects directly to PCs and data archives through an Ethernet connection. It requires minimal preventive maintenance and has a compact design for factory integration.
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