Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 18000 #9103801 for sale

ID: 9103801
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 18000 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed by VEECO Instruments, Inc for quick, accurate, and reliable analysis of wafers and other semiconductor components. Its main feature is an 18µm vertical resolution, which provides users with exceptional accuracy and detail. The system features an integrated sensor head that is designed to increase resolution while maintaining high reliability and repeatability. This head is then equipped with three independent optical channels, allowing for the analysis of multiple wafer images without slowing down the unit. This includes the ability to image large dies, high aspect ratio structures, and multi-depth measurements. It also allows users to take advantage of multiple-exposure imaging to analyze extremely complex wafer features. VEECO DEKTAK 18000 also features a fast XYZ scanning machine, with travel speeds up to 250 mm/s. This allows users to quickly and accurately analyze wafer features, ensuring that results are up-to-date and reliable. The automation software also includes a finely-tuned surface scanning mode, enabling users to capture even more detailed data. SLOAN DEKTAK 18000 is designed to provide users with a highly accurate, reliable, and repeatable experience. It features a robust user interface, allowing for easy operation and data analysis. The tool also includes a variety of powerful analysis tools, enabling users to extract valuable data from every image. Overall, DEKTAK 18000 is a highly efficient, reliable, and accurate wafer testing and metrology asset. Its integrated model and advanced analysis tools provide users with valuable insight into their tested components, allowing them to make informed decisions. This, combined with its fast scanning speeds and 18µm vertical resolution, make VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 18000 an excellent choice for anyone looking for a top-tier metrology and wafer testing equipment.
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