Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 3 17380C #176168 for sale

ID: 176168
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 3 17380C is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that features a flat vertical automatic profilometer for use in surface testing of wafers up to six inches in diameter. The system is equipped with a proprietary software package, developed in-house by VEECO Technologies, which enables precise surface metrology measurements with superior reliability and accuracy. VEECO DEKTAK 3 17380C is designed for capacitive level sensing, which allows for the highest accuracy of surface measurement. The low-frequency, flat vertical profilometer is built with an exceptional design, making it ideal for sensitive surface metrology measurements of even the most complex structures. The unit is capable of measuring profile heights up to 300 nanometers, and detects small variations in the height and shape of the profile caused by very small defects. The integrated software package has two base modes of operation, allowing the user to select either manual or automated mode. Automated Mode automates the measurements, allowing the user to simply enter the desired profile criteria in order to obtain the desired results. Manual Mode enables the user to directly alter the measurement parameters in real time to make precise adjustments in results. The machine also includes a variety of preset parameters that the user can select from to quickly adjust the tool's settings. SLOAN DEKTAK 3 17380C also features a high-performance data I/O port to allow for rapid data transfer. Additionally, the asset is compatible with a variety of external platforms, including Windows and Linux. This enables the user to have easy access to the data acquired from the model and to easily share the data with other users. In conclusion, DEKTAK 3 17380C is an excellent wafer testing and metrology equipment. This system is suitable for measuring a wide range of basic and complex structures, providing a high level of accuracy, reliability and flexibility that make it an ideal choice for any wafer testing and metrology application.
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