Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 3 #170841 for sale

ID: 170841
Profiler with video camera and monitor.
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 3 is a highly precise and technologically advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment. It provides accurate, reliable results across a wide range of measurements and can be used for a variety of applications. The system includes a highly precise measuring platform and a specialized probe, allowing users to measure wafer components down to submicron levels. VEECO DEKTAK 3 is equipped with advanced technologies such as a metrology automation unit for effectively creating, controlling and managing various profiles and parameters. It is also designed with a user-friendly interface to ensure a simple and intuitive user experience. SLOAN DEKTAK 3 is ideal for measuring wafer patterns as well as parameters such as film thickness, surface roughness and resistivity. The machine provides highly precise and accurate measurements by using a laser interferometer to measure drive position and displacement of the probe. Additionally, DEKTAK 3 is able to detect even small changes in the structure of the sample. VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 3 also has additional features such as the integrated coarse and fine feed controls, which allow the tool to measure small and fast-moving areas of a wafer. The asset includes both high and low pass filtering, allowing users to capture details quickly and accurately. Lastly, the model also includes a software package that allows users to program, reproduce and perform automated measurements. VEECO DEKTAK 3 is a reliable, efficient and accurate equipment that provides performance and value. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including research, verification and process control, making it the perfect choice for ensuring the best possible results.
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