Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 3 #9105676 for sale

ID: 9105676
Vintage: 2001
Profilometer Includes: PC Software Documentation 2001 vintage.
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 3 is a precise wafer testing and metrology equipment developed by VEECO Instruments and SLI, Inc. It is designed to quickly and accurately assess wafer topography, topographic profile, and electrical characteristics. The system utilizes stylus-based non-contact scanning technology to measure the surface structure and electrical properties of the wafer. It is capable of producing up to 60 measurements in as little as 1 second, allowing for faster and more accurate measurements. It also features an automatic sample preparation and calibration process and a sophisticated software package that simplifies the operation and analysis of the data. The unit is equipped with an advanced optical machine that detects variations in the thickness and electron mobility of the wafer in order to accurately measure it. It is capable of measuring the thickness of thin films, low temperature barrier layers, and thermal diffusivity. The stylus-based scanning tool is capable of scanning up to 50 points/in or up to 8 mm2 in just a few seconds. VEECO DEKTAK 3 features a range of x-y resolution from 0.25 um to 40 um, with an accuracy of 1%. The asset can measure displacement, thickness, height, and cross-sectional data of thin films with an accuracy of 1%. It can easily detect surface defects, analyze surface topography, and even detect cracks. In addition, the model is equipped with a variety of peripherals such as an XY stage, tensioner, and a wafer strobe to help produce consistent results. These components allow the user to precisely and accurately set up sample conditions to ensure accurate results. SLOAN DEKTAK 3 is an advanced wafer testing equipment designed for quick and accurate measurements for research and development laboratories. It is user-friendly and cost-effective, helping laboratories achieve the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency.
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