Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 3ST #9070971 for sale

ID: 9070971
Profilometers Stage Optics External computer: missing.
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 3ST wafer testing and metrology equipment is a highly accurate and reliable system for measuring and analyzing semiconductor components and structures on a wafer scale. The unit is designed for use in research and development or production setting where accuracy and repeatability are critical. It is perfect for measuring single-wafer measurements on a wide variety of wafer materials, including silicon, gallium arsenide and others. VEECO DEKTAK 3ST combines contact profilometer and non-contact surface roughness measurements. This includes the use of a mechanical stylus probe for determining surface topography and calculating step height. It also uses an optical non-contact laser displacement sensor to measure the surface profile, medium roughness, and other parameters. The machine is highly precise and can measure up to 100nm vertical resolution. The tool offers a wide range of wafer testing features, including automated sample alignment, non-contact surface analysis, contact stylus scanning, and advanced data collection and analysis tools. It includes a software-based interface for automated process control and profilometry reporting. SLOAN DEKTAK 3 ST can be used for 1D or 2D scanning, as well as time-averaged smoothing and advanced statistical analysis. SLOAN DEKTAK 3ST has advanced capabilities, including the ability to handle larger wafers, the use of multiple probes and sensors for greater flexibility, and the ability to perform 3D measurements. It also has built-in features for rapid scanning and analysis of the entire wafer surface. It is compatible with a wide variety of automated wafer handling systems and can be used in manual or automated environments. VEECO DEKTAK 3 ST includes state-of-the-art safety features, such as an enclosed shield for user protection, interchangeable probes for different applications, a dust-resistant cover lid, and easy maintenance and calibration capabilities. The asset is robust and reliable, allowing for consistent, repeatable results. It is a popular choice for metrology applications, including failure analysis, model characterization, automotive testing, design verification, thin-film characterization, and wafer level quality assurance. Overall, VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 3 ST is an advanced, highly reliable wafer testing and metrology equipment that can provide precise measurements of semiconductor components on a wafer scale in a variety of applications. Its ability to handle large wafers, offer multiple probes and sensors, perform 1D and 2D scanning and analysis, and provide rapid scanning and analysis of the entire wafer surface make it an ideal choice for research and development, production, and metrology applications.
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