Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 3ST #9192102 for sale

ID: 9192102
Inspection system.
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 3ST is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment developed with immersive technical features that provide precision and accuracy in the analysis of wafers. It features an extensive range of advanced measurement capabilities for advanced wafer test and metrology applications. Starting with the hardware, VEECO DEKTAK 3ST features the industry-standard VEECO high-resolution capacitance displacement gage head for precision and accuracy. It is designed with a modular platform that includes a high-accuracy, high-precision motorized Z-stage for sample movement. The gage head and Z-stage are connected to the gage controller which is managed by a powerful graphical user interface. SLOAN DEKTAK 3 ST also features advanced measurement capabilities like automated feature recognition and fast scan speed for accurate characterizations. It is capable of detecting topography with step heights as low as 10nm and features excellent linearity and dynamic range. The system's patented Advanced Endpoint Detection (AED) technology accurately locates sample shape at the end-point of each scanning session. DEKTAK 3 ST also provides enhanced Z-axis calibration accuracy, ensuring more consistent and reliable test results. The unit also offers a variety of options depending on the application need. It provides high-resolution optical and scanning acoustic microscope capabilities, making it ideal for advanced device characterization, 3D surface measurements and defect analysis. It is also engineered with low-vibration isolation to provide high-performance data stability. In terms of software, VEECO DEKTAK 3 ST features a comprehensive suite of software utilities that provide analysis, data storage and reporting features. The software includes 3D imaging, automatic wafer map stitching, automatic pattern recognition and defect analysis programs that take advantage of the machine's powerful hardware. The tool enables analysis of wafer step heights, surface topography and uniformity, film stress, dust graininess and other characteristics. The software also includes data storage and reporting tools for recording test results. Overall, DEKTAK 3ST is an advanced wafer testing and metrology asset that offers precise and accurate analysis of wafers. It features a high-resolution gage head, a motorized Z-stage and a comprehensive software suite for data storage, analysis and reporting. VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 3 ST is an invaluable asset for high-performance applications requiring reliable data and accurate characterization of device geometries.
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