Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 6M #9006097 for sale

ID: 9006097
Surface profiler.
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 6M wafer testing and metrology equipment is a powerful and efficient way to test and measure the surface quality of semiconductors and other thin films. This system uses an advanced quartz crystal balance to measure step heights, topographies, two-dimensional surface profiles, and specific defect locations on samples with a resolution of 0.0668 µm (0.000261 in). The high resolution measurement is achieved by a patented capacitance bridge-based quartz crystal balance, which is able to achieve a very low noise output and high sensitivity along with excellent repeatability and long term stability. The unit has an adjustable measurement range up to 10 mm (0.394 in) and features a small footprint to fit in most laboratory settings. It also includes an integrated vibration isolator to reduce noise levels and ensure accurate measurements. The quartz crystal balance is built from materials designed to withstand high temperature and environmental stress without degrading the crystalline structure and is rated for measurements up to 1600°C (2912°F). The machine is equipped with a high resolution graphical LCD touchscreen that allows for easy setup and navigation to quickly take measurements and record data. VEECO DEKTAK 6M can be used to store up to five parameters in its internal memory and is equipped with a USB port to connect to a tool for data storage, analysis, and reporting. Additionally, a dry air purge asset can be used to reduce corrosion during high temperature processes. The model is designed for a variety of wafer metrology and testing applications, including thin film thickness measurements, surface roughness, defect identification, and composition analysis. In addition, the equipment can be used to study the electrical properties of wafers with their built-in electrical measurement feature. All the measurement parameters can be managed through SLOAN DEKTAK 6M software and can be exported in various file formats. This versatile and powerful system is a great asset for any laboratory that needs accurate and repeatable wafer testing and metrology.
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