Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 6M #9034870 for sale

ID: 9034870
Wafer Size: 6"
Vintage: 2006
Surface profiler, up to 6" Includes: Step height repeatability Low-inertia Low-noise sensor (LIS 3) High horizontal and vertical resolution Uses a 12.5 micron diamond stylus (2) Stylus tips Reference thickness gauge Vibration table Programmable stylus (down to 1 mg) Z-Height capability (up to 1 mm) Up to 30,000 data points per scan Windows software interface Specifications: Performance: Sample stage diameter: 150 mm (6 in.) Scan length range: 50 μm to 30 mm X-Y stage translation: 20 mm x 80 mm Theta sample positioning: 360° Vertical data resolution: 1Å max. (@ 65 KÅ range) Vertical range: 262 μm max. (1 mm optional) Step height repeatability: 10 Å, 1σ Data points per scan: 30,000 max. Sample viewing: 2.6 mm FOV (2.6 mm to 0.5 mm FOV zoom option) Stylus tip radius: 12.5 μm (std.) Stylus force range: 1 mg to 15 mg (programmable adjustment) Stylus sensor: LIS 3 (low-inertia sensor) Stylus replacement: Quick-Change tool (std.) System configuration: Microprocessor: Intel Pentium III (monitor optional) User interface: Microsoft Windows 98 Interface method: mouse/keyboard Network card: enables exporting/printing data via local network Power requirements: 115/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5 A Optional features: Printer: color inkjet printer Stress measurement: calculates tensile/compressive thin-film stress on wafers Optional Styli: <1 μm to 25 μm radius tips (high-aspect-ratio tips & super-sharp 50 nm radius tips also available) Calibration standards: 200 Å to 10 μm step height standards (NIST traceable) Vibration isolation table: isolates scan head from external noise Zoom optics: 5 mm to 1 mm FOV Ceramic vacuum chuck: for small samples Extended range: increases vertical range to 1 mm Step detection software: for calculating multiple step measurements Monitor: 15-inch SVGA monitor or 15-inch flat panel w/stand Environmental enclosure: Plexiglas shield protects scan head from dust Standard analytical software: Roughness parameters: Ra, Rq, Rp, Rv, Rt, Rz, max. Ra, max. dev., skew Waviness parameters: Wa, Wq, WP, WV, Wt, max. dev. Step height parameters: avg. step ht., avg. ht., max. peak, max. valley, max. ht., peak to valley, high spot count, peak count Geometry parameters: area, slope, volume, radius, perimeter, bearing ratio Programmable cutoff filter: conforms to ANSI B46.1 2006 vintage.
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 6M is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to evaluate the thickness and height of wafers used in semiconductor manufacturing processes, as well as for other applications. VEECO DEKTAK 6M is an automated, non-contact spin motor measurement system capable of scanning up to 1,400mm per second with a repeatability of 0.5μm. It is equipped with a highly sensitive capacitance sensor, which can measure even the smallest of features on the wafer surface. The unit utilizes a step and repeat at a constant speed, enabling the user to quickly scan a wafer for analyzing intricate features. SLOAN DEKTAK 6M is also equipped with an automatic tuning machine that ensures reliable data collection and processing. The tool can be used to measure both the height and thickness of wafers simultaneously. DEKTAK 6M uses a two arm locking mechanism design to ensure that the wafer remains on the stage during the entire measurement process, and the asset can process almost any type of material at high speeds. Additionally, VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 6M supports up to eight user-defined programs, which can be used to customize the measurement procedure and parameters, such as the speed, averaging and settling time. VEECO DEKTAK 6M also comes equipped with a robust user interface that allows researchers to customize the model to their individual needs. The interface includes auto-calibration, graph output, and 1-D or 2-D plotting of the measured data. It also includes several data analysis programs, such as the ability to compare multiple scans, and the ability to analyze the data with statistical process control software. Overall, SLOAN DEKTAK 6M is an elegant and reliable wafer testing and metrology equipment ideal for any research or production need where microscopic measurements are required. The automated and non-contact system results in accurate, repeatable and reliable measurements with minimal operator involvement.
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