Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK I #139298 for sale

ID: 139298
Profilometer Model: 9000050 000129 control.
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK I wafer testing and metrology equipment is a complete surface metrology system with a wide range of capabilities. It is designed to measure the surface topography and thickness of a sample to a high resolution. The unit is equipped with a large range of sample holders that permit a variety of samples to be used, including single and multi-layered samples. VEECO DEKTAK I machine employs an integrated programmable motor-positioning X/Y stage which controls the position of the sample in the metrology head. The metrology head can be configured for a variety of measurements, such as a four-axis tilt-stage for wide range surface scans or a single axis for focused measurements. The tool can also measure samples to a resolution of 5 nm and better in lateral modes, and up to 0.5 µm in vertical modes. SLOAN DEKTAK I asset is equipped with a variety of software tools which allow the user to view and analyze images, as well as create reports. The software is highly user-friendly and provides an intuitive user interface. The software includes functions to calculate profile characteristics such as step height, surface roughness, flatness, and can produce profile scans, as well as topographic and thickness maps. DEKTAK I model is an ideal solution for cost-sensitive and high throughput applications, such as MEMS/IC's, integrated circuits, related materials and devices, flat panel display samples and optics. Its compact size and quiet operation make it an ideal choice for laboratories where space is limited. Overall, VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK I is an excellent option for wafer testing and metrology. Its robust design, accurate measurement capabilities, and user-friendly software, makes it an ideal choice for the measurement of complex sample surfaces.
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