Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK I #9018953 for sale

ID: 9018953
Profilometer Model: 9000050.
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK I is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for a wide range of semiconductor process control needs. The system is equipped with a precision tested measurement mechanism which can be operated in a range of temperatures from -35 to 350°C. VEECO DEKTAK I wafer testing equipment has a worktable with two handles, two adjustable vacuum tabs and two stage height selectors. The Vacuum tabs allow for the direct contact and manipulation of specimen wafers. The configuration of the vacuum tabs can be easily adjusted as required, allowing for a variety of wafers of different heights and sizes. SLOAN DEKTAK I offers a full range of optical wafer surface maps with a tilt and plane measurement of up to ±5.0° and a 1nm step resolution. This enables the capturing of the highest accuracy surface images with high resolution for optimal process control. DEKTAK I also features an integrated automation interface offering the ability to integrate with Surface Metrology Instruments, such as a Scratch Pen, XY Scanner and Video Microscope. The Scratch Pen, for example, can be used for surface detection and characterization, while the Video Microscope can be used for micro-defect inspection. The unit includes a high precision sample holder with low contact force, which is designed to maximize the machine's thermal homogeneity while providing sample protection. VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK I also includes a unique Focus Tip, which allows for the adjustment of the focus of the wafer surface map. VEECO DEKTAK I Wafer Testing and Metrology tool is also equipped with a proprietary software package for controlling all the operations of the asset, such as indexing and scaling, programing and testing, error analysis and reporting, as well as producing and managing statistical data. In conclusion, SLOAN DEKTAK I is a highly precise and reliable model for wafer testing and metrology, offering a variety of features to ensure ultimate precision and accuracy amongst different ranges of semiconductor processes.
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