Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK IIA #9061410 for sale

ID: 9061410
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK IIA is an automated wafer testing and metrology equipment that is designed for the highest accuracy metrology of semiconductor materials. It offers maximum measurement precision for measuring the Critical Dimension (CD), Overlay Alignment, profile depth, metrology properties and surface profiling of dielectric and metal layers. The system can measure CD from 1.5 nm to 0.5 µm. VEECO DEKTAK IIA features a large traversing platform that provides a 13" x 6" field of view and a very long Z-axis range for scanning and assessing the wafer. It is equipped with high-resolution piezo-controlled stages providing maximum accuracy and repeatability. The unit is equipped with brightfield and darkfield imaging detection systems, an adverse light screening function, and several lasers for targeting measurements. The machine offers temperature control of the wafer stages to ensure accuracy during measurement. Its advanced stage control approach utilizes intelligent algorithms that allow for precise wafer alignment and straightness verification. It also has an integrated array of sensors and controllers that help minimize head contamination. SLOAN DEKTAK IIA delivers high throughput, short cycle times, and accuracy over a wide range of architectures and applications. It has a digital data filter and delivery tool to process and collect the measurement data. The asset also allows automated data traceability to track the data for post-process analysis. DEKTAK IIA offers excellent wafer tool alignment accuracy with its proprietary image recognition algorithms. The model offers a calibration methodology that is unique in the industry. It also has a comprehensive set of software tools, including statistical equipment, pattern recognition, imaging, and data analysis capabilities and a suite of automated tests that enable repeatable measurements. All in all, VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK IIA is an ideal solution for testing and metrology of semiconductors. Its high-precision measurement capabilities, advanced algorithms and automation, and comprehensive suite of software tools make it a reliable and powerful metrology equipment that can meet the needs of modern semiconductor manufacturers.
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