Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK IIA #9123971 for sale

ID: 9123971
Wafer Size: 5"
Vintage: 1983
Programmable linear scanning system, 5" Vertical resolution: 5 Angstroms Scan time 4 to 65 sec 12.5 Micron radius stylus Tracking force: 10 to 50mg Data points: 1000 (3) Scanning speeds Microscope standard: 70X 1983 vintage.
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK IIA is a multifunction wafer testing and metrology equipment that utilizes advanced software and hardware to detect, measure, and analyze a wide variety of wafers. The system is equipped with advanced hardware configuration options, such as motors from 63mm to 300mm outer diameter, a full range of sensor ports, and a new imaging unit with proprietary software. It also features a powerful quantum-noise microscope that can measure both 1D and 2D profiles with unprecedented accuracy. VEECO DEKTAK IIA is designed for production environments and can handle up to 200 wafers per hour with repeatable accuracy. It includes features such as a rigid vertical stage and sophisticated patterns module that enable automated wafer orientation and precise positioning during testing and measurement. In addition, it can accurately measure both static and dynamic wafer properties at the highest magnifications with sub-nanometer precision. SLOAN DEKTAK IIA is very versatile, supporting applications like surface profilometry, wafer stress determination, automated optical inspection, resistivity, adhesion, and material composition measurement. It is also extremely user-friendly, with easy-to-use interface and touchscreen menus accessible from any location on the work site, allowing maximum flexibility for any task. Furthermore, DEKTAK IIA is compatible with all major industry standards such as SEMI, IEEE, and JEDEC. VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK IIA is one of the most advanced metrology systems on the market, offering cost-effective, reliable, and highly-accurate measurements for wafer production. It offers superior performance compared to the previous models, enabling users to monitor their production processes quickly and accurately. This wafer testing and metrology machine is an excellent choice for any production environment, and its versatility and advanced features make it a great fit for both research and industrial projects.
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