Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK V-200 Si #9105704 for sale

ID: 9105704
Profiler, 8".
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK V-200 Si is an advanced, cost-effective wafer testing and metrology equipment specifically designed to accommodate a wide variety of wafer sizes. It provides high resolution, dual axis profile metrology, as well as automated electronic acquisition of wafer data. The V-200 Si features an Automatic Focus Control System (AFC) which uses a Quadrant Photo Diode Technology (QPD) to precisely control the focus and optimize the wafer edge detection. This unit also features a Feedback Based Stage Control (FFB) machine, which provides the optimal temperature gradient for thin film metrology. By automatically calibrating the focus parameters, the V-200 Si ensures repeatable data accuracy and precision. The V-200 Si is equipped with an Optic Table Wafer Scanner, which can measure multiple wafers simultaneously at a data rate of 25 kHz, while also providing high resolution video inspection mode. This scanner utilizes a Vibration Isolation Table, that improves data repeatability by minimizing drift effects and environmental noise. The scanner also features a kinematic indexing tool that uses a single stage to accurately adjust the measurement parameters between wafers of varying sizes. The V-200 Si also includes advanced software packages that allow for easy customization of data acquisitions to match customer specifications. This software can automatically calculate surface topography, as well as detect and quantify features such as defects, steps, grooves, and connections. These packages also provide for statistical analysis, trend plotting, and customized reporting. The V-200 Si makes it easier than ever to measure multiple wafers in a single shot. This state-of-the-art asset provides customers with unsurpassed data updating accuracy, as well as high resolution images and precise metrology results. By using VEECO V200-SI, customers can rest assured that their testing and metrology applications are being handled with the utmost precision.
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