Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK V-200 Si #9185243 for sale

ID: 9185243
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK V-200 Si wafer testing and metrology equipment is designed for measuring electric, structural, and optical properties of wafers and thin film structures. This system is used to measure surface profiles, step height, CD (Critical Dimension) and depth measurements. It is capable of yielding the most accurate data across a wide range of samples, thanks to its advanced stylus design. VEECO V200-SI offers a selection of stages to accommodate sample sizes from 2" to 8" (50mm-200mm). It is equipped with , a patented closed-frame scanning unit and an ultra-precise 3-axis servo machine to provide the highest possible sampling accuracy. The V-200 Si's measurement range covers from 0.01 oz to 80 oz (0.01g to 459g) and its maximum Z travel is 4mm. Its powerful software is highly intuitive, offering easy visual readout of scan data. It is equipped with Autochart software which allows semi-automated mapping of numerous features such as profile, CD, and other geometries. It also provides optional transfer of data to a PC for further manipulation. Features such as Multi-Point Data Averaging, Cross Section Analysis and Edge Detection can also be achieved using the software. In addition, it offers multiple probe configurations and cartridges to optimize measurement speed and accuracy. The machine can accommodate a variety of one and two-dimensional optical metrology accessories such as microscopes, interferometers, profilers, and reflectometers. This tool allows quick and accurate data acquisition without further manual user set-up. The V-200 Si is designed to meet the highest standards in wafer metrology. It provides repeatable and reliable performance and helps eliminate the potential sources of error while providing unbeatable value for money. Its accuracy is unsurpassed in the cost range and its robust build quality makes it a good choice for critical applications.
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