Used VEECO / SLOAN V200-SL #9099633 for sale

ID: 9099633
Wafer Size: 8"
Profiler, 8".
VEECO / SLOAN V200-SL Equipment is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology system. The unit is designed to provide advanced semiconductor wafer testing and feature measurements with reliable and accurate results. VEECO V200-SL machine has a unique patented optical design comprising a single optomechanical stack, providing a wide range of optical metrology measurements while remaining robust, reliable and repeatable. The modular platform supports a variety of optical unctions allowing customers to choose among metrology tools ranging from non-contact surface profilometry, to scatterometry, to reference-grade film thickness measurements. The tool has a multi-axis stage to enable precise wafer positioning and scanning for 3D topography, Advanced 50GHz electronics for fast data acquisition and reliable error detection, and dual 4k sensors to ensure best resolution and dynamic range. Additionally, a class-leading spectral range from the deep UV (200nm) to the near-IR (1100nm) allows for the use of a range of optical techniques. SLOAN DEKTAK V-200 SL asset features a highly sophisticated analysis software suite to ensure fast, accurate, and efficient results. The model supports a range of analytical techniques, such as Monte Carlo simulations for problem solving and sophisticated statistical analysis to identify trends and standard deviation. SLOAN V200-SL also offers outstanding reliability and precision. It is produced in an ISO-certified environment using the latest materials and components, and is designed to pass rigorous test and quality control standards. The equipment is capable of providing power efficiencies and system uptimes far beyond industry standards, while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and repeatability. In addition, V200-SL unit is highly operator-friendly, with intuitive and easy-to-use GUI to make wafer testing and metrology processes simple. In addition, the use of sophisticated AI procedures and advanced automation helps reduce complexity and maximize throughputs. VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK V-200 SL machine is the ideal solution for customers looking for reliable, accurate, and cost-efficient wafer testing and metrology. With its range of innovative features, the tool is an excellent choice for wafer makers, research facilities, and semiconductor companies who need a comprehensive and comprehensive solution for their wafer testing and metrology needs.
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