Used VEECO / SLOAN V300SL #9122379 for sale

ID: 9122379
Wafer Size: 8"-12"
Automation profiler, 8"-12" Open cassette Max vertical range: 300um.
VEECO / SLOAN V300SL Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment by VEECO is a high-performance tool used to analyze semiconductor wafers from fabrication process and failure-analysis tasks, offering precise and accurate solutions. VEECO V300SL is a dedicated metrology system with an automated optics unit and advanced scanning capabilities, allowing it to meet the needs of both research and production. SLOAN V300SL is equipped with a cutting-edge optical machine for imaging wafers with superior accuracy and resolution. The tool uses an ultra-high-precision motor control asset to create scans with nanometer-level accuracy. V300SL runs an automated focus and scanning routine, reducing time and resources required to new levels. In order to collect data, VEECO / SLOAN V300SL has full spectroscopic capabilities that allow it to measure a wide variety of sample types. It has a large field of view, allowing samples to be scanned quickly and easily. Additionally, the model uses a broad range of photodiodes and detectors that can capture data in both transmission and reflection modes. Moreover, VEECO V300SL is equipped with advanced software that can automatically detect and analyze the shape and size of features on the wafer. This feature allows users to analyze deviations from expected patterns, helping identify process deviations and potential causes for product failure. SLOAN V300SL is a reliable and powerful tool for analysis of wafers. With its flexible and powerful features, V300SL can be used to quickly, accurately and efficiently analyze wafers in both research and production environments.
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