Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX AIT I #9221583 for sale

ID: 9221583
Wafer Size: 6"-8"
Patterned wafer inspection system, 6"-8" Double darkfield inspection tool SECS II/GEM Communication interface Low contact chuck (AIT I) Multi channel collection optics system with independent Programmable spatial filters Pentium CPU with Windows NT installed Wafer transfer area housing cover Wafer handling module High voltage electronics Front / Rear EMO’s with covers Flat panel display for AIT Fold down keyboard tray with built in mouse X/Y Drive / Controller chassis Motion controller card Blower box (Exhaust hoses not included) Operations manual.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX AIT I is a wafer testing and metrology equipment developed by KLA Corporation and TENCOR Corporation. This system is designed for high speed, precision analysis of semiconductor wafers in the process of fabrication. It is an automated wafer inspection and metrology unit capable of measuring line widths, flatness, overlay alignment, and surface topology of wafers with superior accuracy and repeatability. KLA AIT I uses proprietary technologies such as Total Measurement Software (TMS) and Applications Programming Interface (API) for accurate and repeatable results. The machine contains the Wafer Analysis Center (WAC) which integrates the TMS and API functions along with other components such as the Sensor and Imaging Heads, the Networked Data Acquisition Hubs, and the Wafer Handlers. The Sensor and Imaging Heads utilize Charge-Coupled Devices (CCD) for scanning and measuring wafers with varying scan widths, sampling densities, and measurement capabilities. The Networked Data Acquisition Hubs collect and analyze data from the Sensor and Imaging Heads to accurately generate a global map of the wafer characteristics for quality control. The Wafer Handlers allow TENCOR AIT I tool to move and guide wafers to be accurately positioned for edge-detection and measurement. The Total Measurement Software (TMS) is responsible for controlling the Sensor and Imaging Heads, displaying the gathered data, and streaming measurement results to a printer or computer as needed. The TMS also contains a number of linear and non-linear approximations with defect metrics tools and feature plotters for determining the suitability of a wafer. The Application Programming Interface (API) connects to a variety of third-party systems such as CAD, Visualization, Data Acquisition, and Wafer Fabrication systems. This enables the TMS to be easily integrated into a user's existing architecture. The API also allows developers to create and develop custom wafer analysis software in a variety of environments. Overall, the asset is a highly accurate and reliable wafer testing and metrology model. Its repeatability and accuracy combined with its various features and components make PROMETRIX AIT I an excellent choice for wafer quality control.
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