Used ADTEC AX-5000W AKT #9173251 for sale

AX-5000W AKT
ID: 9173251
RF Generators Chamber.
ADTEC AX-5000W AKT is a reliable and flexible power supply for mission critical systems. It is designed to provide reliable power for high-demand applications and is suitable for use in a wide range of industrial and commercial solutions. The power supply features a universal input, meaning it can accept a variety of input voltages, including 85-516V AC, making it compatible with most electrical infrastructure. It also boasts high power density, providing up to 5000W of power in just 2U of space, ensuring it can easily fit into existing power systems. AX-5000W AKT features a wide range of protection features, including over-temperature and over-current protection, ensuring your system will remain stable even under the most demanding loads. It also features a robust EMC shield, helping to filter out common magnetic and RF interference. Another feature of the power supply is its adjustable output voltage. An onboard LCD displays the output voltage and current, allowing you to adjust the output voltage according to your needs. This adjustable voltage also makes it suitable for use with a variety of powered devices. The power supply is also equipped with a power management feature, designed to help minimize power consumption. It also offers multiple communication options, including remote monitoring and alarm contact control, allowing you to access and control the power supply from a distance. ADTEC AX-5000W AKT is an efficient and reliable power supply, capable of providing 5000W of power for mission-critical systems. It features a range of protection features, as well as adjustable output voltage and power management, making it a great choice for use in industrial and commercial applications.
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