Used NANOMETRICS Lynx EFEM #9213833 for sale

ID: 9213833
Wafer Size: 12"
Critical dimension measurement system, 12" KAWASAKI Robot.
NANOMETRICS Lynx EFEM, or Extremely Fast Electron Microscopy, is a dedicated wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide in-depth analysis of wafers of any process node. It is designed for both research and quality control purposes, and is capable of checking the wafer for surface roughness, topography, and electrical properties such as chip leakage. The system is based on advanced scanning electron microscope technology, which allows for extremely detailed imaging of the samples at resolutions down to one nanometer. The Lynx is equipped with a modular sample chamber which can accommodate up to four sample configurations, allowing for the simultaneous analysis of multiple deposited layers. It also comes with multiple sputter sources, for completing depth profiling and surface cleaning tasks, as well as a dedicated charge neutralizer for true 3D imaging. The Lynx features a full suite of additional metrology and stem tools, such as an X-ray detector and integrated automated positioning unit, allowing for the efficient wafer-to-wafer comparison. Lynx EFEM is a state-of-the-art testing machine, capable of driving the wafer testing to new levels of accuracy and speed. The Lynx is an ideal solution for semiconductor engineers looking for rapid and reliable wafer testing and inspection. It is available as a stand-alone tool, and can be used for a variety of process nodes and layers. It is compliant with the most popular automation specifications, and its low running cost makes it an affordable equipment investment for wafer testing labs. The Lynx is a reliable and efficient rigid asset with a high return-on-investment (ROI). It is built to work in the most demanding conditions, and its advanced features make it the perfect choice for wafer inspection and testing laboratories. It is capable of analyzing electrodes, wires, MEMs, and devices down to the nanometer level, giving semiconductor engineers the power to make more informed decisions about their products.
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